Information theory, evolution and the origin of life

by InfoTheory on February 20, 2009

This blog is being written by Hubert Yockey and Cynthia Yockey, his daughter, who edits his work. It will feature posts about information theory, evolution and the origin of life, as well as Dr. Yockey’s reminiscences about his life, including his many wilderness adventures.

We also invite the men who were on Dr. Yockey’s expeditions when they were Boy Scouts and/or Explorers to post their photos and stories about their hiking and canoeing expeditions in Canada, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

This post is written by Cynthia Yockey. The first thing I want noted about my father is that he is not in any way, shape or form a Creationist. He does not support Intelligent Design. He supports Darwin’s theory of evolution and points out that it is one of the best-supported theories in science.

It is absolutely crazy to assert that my father is a Creationist because he quotes the Bible in his scientific publications. He quotes Greek and Roman myths considerably more frequently than the Bible, yet no one has used that as evidence that he is a pagan, or Dionysian or Apollonian.

Remember, “theory” in science means the explanation for how something has happened, or why it is the way it is. It is NOT synonymous with “hypothesis” or “best guess.”

The essence of my father’s work is that he has shown that the origin of life is the founding axiom of biology, just as the origin of matter is the founding axiom of physics and chemistry. An axiom is a principle that is true, but which cannot be derived or proved. Axioms are where you start.

Looking for the origin of life in physics and chemistry is like looking for the origin of literature in the chemistry of ink.